Thank You Letter

Hi Stacey, 

It seems like I’ve known you forever but it’s really been a little more than 2 years. Like so many people, our path to adoption has not been a straight line. I would guess that ours has had a few more twists and turns than most though.   Shortly after meeting you and “officially” starting our adoption journey we moved out of state and said goodbye to you. Then we moved to another state. And did a homestudy. And then we moved to another state. And did a homestudy. And then we came back to Florida.  And when I talked to you, I felt like I’d never left. You have been so warm, compassionate and grounding during our adoption process. You helped me believe it would happen for us. And you were right!

As we were finishing up our final home study you called and after a question about my husbands social security number told me about an expectant mother that might be a good match for us. You couldn’t have been more right!  I know that frequently we talk about “situations” in adoption but it all boils down to people. My son’s first family, my husband, me, and now our son. I can’t give you all the credit but I can say that you know how to read people and you understand what different types of people need. You knew that my husband and I need straight talk and answers and reality but also hope and compassion. You gave us all of that

The time from when we were matched until our son was born was so short, only two weeks. And it went by in a blink. But during that time we got to know his first mom and it was really great to find out who she is. And then we got the call that she was on the way to the hospital and we were in the car and driving to Fort Lauderdale as quickly as we could at three in the morning and I will never forget the feeling watching him be born. And then i had two magical days in the hospital sharing a room with his first mom. I hadn’t expected that and I was terrified when I found out that it was going to happen but it was perfect. It was exactly what I needed and I think what she needed too. and now we’re home with our son and every day is crazy and beautiful And sometimes terrible but perfect.

Being a mom is so much more than I ever could’ve expected. And our son is so perfect for me and my husband he has so far been a very easy-going straightforward young man we appreciate that about him. today was magical, I got my first smile. A real happy-to-see-you-you’re-my-mom smile. It was a magical thing to see for the first time.

And after the high of the moment wore off and I stopped to reflect for a minute, I wanted to tell you and say thank you.  Without you none of this would’ve happened; I’m so glad we met.

Thank you for everything!