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"I have over 20 years experience in the adoption field. I can help you navigate the process step by step."

Adoption Services

The desire to become a parent can be so strong. It's imperative to understand the intricacies of adoption. There are so many things to comprehend, it's important to consult with entities that are both educated and sensitive to the impact of adoption. Guidance throughout is helpful to navigate not only the realities, but also the emotions that may accompany the journey. I'll do my best to be available daily and ready to handle anything that comes my way.  I am educated in every aspect of the adoption process and through my years of experience can provide comfort and support every step of the way.  

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Home Study

A home study is a legal document that must be up to date before a placement can occur.  Although assessing the home and situation for home study completion is vital, it is also extremely important to assess adoption readiness.   During the home study, I will give you things to think about that will make your adoption journey the best it can possibly be.   The idea of a home study can be overwhelming and I will take you through it in a step by step manner with as much support as you need.  Call me today to start your adoption home study.

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Post Placement Services

When the joyous time comes for matching with a birth mother and placement, no concern or question is off limits!  I will be there every step of the way and ensure you feel you have the support you need.  I will ensure things go smoothly at the hospital or birth center and make sure a comprehensive plan is in place.  This is the most exciting time, but it can also be nerve wracking.  When it is your special time, you will get the support you need and I will be there for you to make a smooth and happy placement. 

Why Choose Me

Hello!  My name is Stacey Levine and I have been in the adoption field as a social worker for almost 20 years.  You might say I am obsessed with adoption. The whole thing...birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. There is something special in adoption and I am so happy to be a part of it all. If you need assistance with an Adoption, Home Study, or Placement. I would be happy to help you in anyway possible.


Stacey Levine came into our lives 5 years ago, when we were hoping to adopt a baby. When all of our paperwork was complete, we waited for a call. Shortly thereafter, I was stepping onto my uncle’s sailboat when my phone rang…it was Stacey! She was on vacation, and took the time to call us and share that we had been chosen by a birth mom! We were overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness to contact us while she was away. While that adoption didn’t work out, Stacey assured us that she would always have our best interests at heart, and she would bring the right baby to us. 

Not long after, my husband and I were in New York. When we got back to our hotel room, there was a message from Stacey to call her right away. We had been chosen, and were having a boy! She arranged for us to speak to the birth mom, and guided us through every step of the process. We had somewhat of a difficult time with the birth mom, but thanks to Stacey, she sees the best in EVERYONE, so was able to make the adoption process much less scary and so much more comforting. I had put so much faith and trust in her, and she never let us down. She has a tireless work ethic, calling us just to see how we were doing, and if we needed anything (we live in Canada, she in the US), and having her as our social worker meant we were finally going to have the baby we had always wanted. 

Adoption is an extremely emotional and trying time for all involved; Stacey puts her heart and soul into every adoption she takes on, and she will be a part of our lives forever. She is incredibly intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Today, we have a healthy, happy and gorgeous 4 year old boy. Not a day goes by that I take him for granted, and I have (the birth mom) and Stacey to thank for that.  


When we began our second adoption journey, one of the most important things to us was the care of the expectant mom we matched with. As an adoptive mom and an adoption professional, my heart was filled with gratitude as I watched the genuine kindness, love, and respect Stacey showed our daughter's birth mom. 

Stacey went above and beyond throughout the pregnancy,  time at the hospital, and post-pardum recovery of our daughter's birth mom. Even more amazingly, Stacey continues to be a source of encouragement and support for her as the days and months go by. I wish that every mom considering adoption had the gift of working with Stacey. 

-Adoptive Mom, Katie

I've known Stacey for five years, she has been a great guide, supporter and cheerleader during our whole adoption process. Starting with the initial home study, Stacey asked questions that helped me better evaluate alternatives. She supported me during the three years of wait and renewals encouraging me with precisely the words I needed when I didn't know how much longer I had to wait. And after bringing my child home, she has continued to be a source of knowledge through our post placement visits. To top it all, Stacey is a joy to be around and I love spending time with her. I cannot think of anyone with more and better experience and a bigger heart for adoption than Stacey, and I'm lucky and grateful to have her in our lives. 

- Maria, Miami 

Hi Stacey,
It seems like I’ve known you forever but it’s really been a little more than 2 years. Like so many people, our path to adoption has not been a straight line. I would guess that ours has had a few more twists and turns than most though.   Shortly after meeting you and “officially” starting our adoption journey we moved out of state and said goodbye to you. Then we moved to another state. And did a homestudy. And then we moved to another state. And did a homestudy. And then we came back to Florida.  And when I talked to you, I felt like I’d never left. You have been so warm, compassionate and grounding during our adoption process. You helped me believe it would happen for us. And you were right!

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An Adoption Story
By Adoptive Mom Melissa

It’s 6:30am and the 3 of us are snuggled up on the sofa watching cartoons. My oldest son Royce… thumb in mouth and bink (blanket) securely in hand; his big dark curls fraying my view of the tv; and then Dutch, still swaddled in his blanket and still half asleep, completely peaceful. The warmth and closeness of their warm little bodies fills my heart and makes me feel complete. In these moments, I quietly smile to myself and can’t believe I have been blessed with these 2 miracles.We have come a long way in such a short time…. Our story is quite remarkable if you ask me. Well, really if you ask anyone.   Continue Reading...

"Stacey...stayed by our side, step by step ensuring that we could get everything we needed done... to take home our son"  

Hi Stacey! 
My name is Kim R. and you helped us last year adopt 2 children from Danielle F.  We were just going through our pictures and celebrating our year anniversary and I thought of you. We had such a hard match process and everything was so confusing. Every person we talked to just confused us more. It was very stressful. But it all changed when you called us.  I often tell our story and include you in it because if it were not for you I’m not sure how it would have gone. You were wonderful  and incredibly helpful. You were the only person that gave us straight answers. We were so very grateful for you during those crazy first weeks. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you this sooner but you were wonderful and we will always remember how helpful and kind you were. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! We thank God for you. I hope you are doing well these days! 
- Kim R.

I can’t say enough amazing things about Stacy. She helped me through the darkest most painful event in my life giving my son up for adoption. She helped the transition be so easy and so less painful. I would recommend her to any family going through a difficult time. Thank you Stacy for everything you have done. - S.S.

My Mission

My Mission is to provide you a caring environment and guidance every step of the way through the adoption process.

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